By ameliespitz, Apr 15 2018 08:22AM

Many times I have been dreaming of allocating to a tropical place.

I am currently working on art that's inspired by tropical plants. I made my to Leiden's beautiful Hortus Botanicus. Upon entering, I already felt a lightness making space inside of my chest due to the humid climate inside of the greenhouse. Or was it either the plants cleansing all of my respiration, my lungs?

I do get the same feeling (not that strong tough) everytime by walking through the forest that's located closeby my current place of living. I get the feeling that the air of the soil combined with the humid moss has a sort of energizing effect.

I am making necklaces that should remind you everytime of nature's beauty.

By ameliespitz, Apr 12 2018 06:42PM

welcome to my regulary blogpost. It's already evening here in this small town. Finally I feel at peace when the days are getting shorter and the nights longer - no there will be summer at the doorstep.

I could say it's quite romantic to have my own workshop in the building I live, it features a huge window towards the (busy) street.

From there I can do what I love most: stare outside the window. Dreaming about my love who is in a distant place. He who when he sees me, doesn't know me. My mind wandering what I could all do i f he was there - deifintely there would be a rainbow involved. But yeah, suddenly I am back in reality and I am looking at the busy street outside, the cars and everything.

On other days I am dreaming on my big plans about life, riding a horse, spending my time with wild animals and if I was travelling.

Well I always stay a dreamer I guess...

Rainbow beach
Rainbow beach
a place of dreaming dreams away: in bed
a place of dreaming dreams away: in bed

By ameliespitz, Apr 11 2018 01:41PM

Sometimes we see something and immediately it triggers something.

By writing this blog posts I am making space for those thoughts, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them!

I apoligise already for not writing too much about jewellery, by hoping that something good will come out of this :)

Greetings from my new home.

I am joking. This is a photo from beautiful Cannes in France.

Since I am little, I have been visiting France regulary, I have grown up in a small place near (or actually at) the french border, so naturally you grow up with the language. I wouldn't say I have made it to become a super-fluent french-speaker, however during my high school years I have enjoyed going to french class and been dreaming of going one day, perhaps, to live in Paris. So of course, I became interested in fashion, french couture and everything about jewellery. In the house that I have been growing up, in my tiny room, I have been taking snapshots hoping to become a model! Oh well. With my first selfies developed on analog-film.


By ameliespitz, Apr 2 2018 02:18PM

I am just finding myself in a transition, or I am right in it.

The question currently is : will I continue with this website, with this jewellery -with what I am doing, how will I continue?

It has been difficult for me to produce more (I had so many request!).

The path, especially in the last 2-5 years, has been very curvy and rocky due to so many other commitments in life (job to earn a living, higher education, needs of family and friends) ...Clocking in late night hours or weekend shifts to make this jewellery project possible, being in the studio on my own.

I have been also aking myself: where will I find the time for myself? Lately I felt empty. A lot of times I have found myself feeling more angry about a lot of things that I have not done yet, where my work has been always priority.

I am not sure of what is lying ahead. For sure changes are ahead.

Finally there's a photo of me in the workshop!
Finally there's a photo of me in the workshop!