By ameliespitz, Feb 17 2018 12:59PM

I will be one of the five Jewellery Designers selected for the Artist in Residency Program 2018 at Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden (Netherlands).

I will be doing a research on the museums' collection. In my workshop I will make use of traditional goldsmithing techniques that will be then mixed with modern applications, turning into a contemporary body of work. With the use of the 3D pen I will approach the traditional wire work in a new way, traditionally made of metal.

The Artist in Residency is interwined in the current exhibtion of the museum – SIERADEN – Makers & Dragers, which is co-curated and supervised by dutch artist/ curator Vanessa de Gruijter (MA Design Cultures, Material Culture Studies, VU University Amsterdam).

01.03. - 26.03.2018

It is possible to visit me in the studio inside the museum: Thu- Sun 12.00-14.00


Additionally there will be a workhsop/ presentation on how to make jewellery with the 3D Pen

(time/date to be confirmed).

Below are some images of the workshop and of my jewellery pieces

By ameliespitz, Jan 4 2018 05:52PM

I have travelled to Mallorca (one of my favourite places on earth), I went to the town of Alcudia to visit a goldsmith's studio. I was curious to meet creatives living and working in Mallorca (it was a old ancient building where the workshop was). I was curious, because my MFA collection was inspired by an old painter who once lived in Mallorca.

I am looking myself at some point to stay there ( to study the countryside or working on a collection). In December I went there to start my first steps. Some of my favourite painters have lived in Mallorca (Miro, Picasso). They worked on the island during their career to get inspiration and enjoy the lifestyle. For example, Joan Miro was a famous artist and best known for his abstract art from the 20th century.

This creative, abstract painter used circles and dashes with bold colours for many years and this helped him to establish a signature style in a similar way to brands within the present day.

Here are some photos:

Snaphot from an old fortress
Snaphot from an old fortress
Christmas palm tree
Christmas palm tree
Rich yummy cake
Rich yummy cake