Greetings from my new home

By ameliespitz, Apr 11 2018 01:41PM

Sometimes we see something and immediately it triggers something.

By writing this blog posts I am making space for those thoughts, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them!

I apoligise already for not writing too much about jewellery, by hoping that something good will come out of this :)

Greetings from my new home.

I am joking. This is a photo from beautiful Cannes in France.

Since I am little, I have been visiting France regulary, I have grown up in a small place near (or actually at) the french border, so naturally you grow up with the language. I wouldn't say I have made it to become a super-fluent french-speaker, however during my high school years I have enjoyed going to french class and been dreaming of going one day, perhaps, to live in Paris. So of course, I became interested in fashion, french couture and everything about jewellery. In the house that I have been growing up, in my tiny room, I have been taking snapshots hoping to become a model! Oh well. With my first selfies developed on analog-film.


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