Many greetings from my Artist in Residency

By ameliespitz, Mar 4 2018 09:21AM

Notes from my diary... :

What I have done in the first week:

On Saturday, 24th February I arrived in Leiden. I got greeted by Vanessa who will be my supervisor over the one-month residency.

Vanessa showed me around the museum, the collection and the current collection, which is about jewellery from all over the world, with all sorts of different materials. She also intorduced me to the facilities in the workshop. (The workshop is an outside attachement, a modern glas building which is floated in light at the beginning of the day).

I also got my room, in which I will stay over the course of the next weeks. I enjoy the living room and the kitchen space.

On Sunday I set up the workshop with all my equipment and materials that I borught with me. I also send a another box of another 10 kilos which would then arrive a couple of days later.

Monday and Tuesday I spend mainly in the workshop, but also finding my way through Leiden. I have printed several maps, because otherwise I would get lost, through the old small streets. I have enjoyed going food shopping, seing what there is to find in the supermarkets (all sorts of different flavours). I also went on to buy more drawing paper, a special sketchbook which cost nearly around 35 Eur. Luckily I found another art paper shop just around the corner of my guesthouse, for sure I will crush into.

On Wednesday, I went on a visit to AMSTERDAM, Tropenmuseum, the archives of the museum. I got shown around through the many rooms which are located beneath ground level. Most impressive was the huge collection of different coloured beads. They come in all shapes, sizes. It must have been so much work to put them all into categories. However, I also saw (jewellery) pieces from all of the continents: Africa, Asia, America, Australia, (Europe)…

I was able to shoot many photos from the archive, all of the pieces have a special number, which can be looked up for further information.

During my visit to Amsterdam this week, I went to see Galerie RA. I had the pleasure to talk to Paul Derrez, whose work I very much enjoy – the silverware that he makes, as well as running this beautiful Gallery in the heart of Amsterdam.

It has been one of the coldest days and I was happy to drink a tea in the gallery.

Lastly the following days I spend in the workshop, opening up the studio to the audience every day from 12-14/15 pm- I had very interesting conversations and inspiring talks, which help me to find the right path to make this collection. I had give advicen from some visitors on how to find the right places to buy my materials. But also… I had been able to talk to artists, like minded people, who told me more about Holland, the country, their view. I have been seing artworks of my visitors who came to show me what they have done, their true passion.

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