Welcome to my regulary blogposts

By ameliespitz, Apr 12 2018 06:42PM

welcome to my regulary blogpost. It's already evening here in this small town. Finally I feel at peace when the days are getting shorter and the nights longer - no there will be summer at the doorstep.

I could say it's quite romantic to have my own workshop in the building I live, it features a huge window towards the (busy) street.

From there I can do what I love most: stare outside the window. Dreaming about my love who is in a distant place. He who when he sees me, doesn't know me. My mind wandering what I could all do i f he was there - deifintely there would be a rainbow involved. But yeah, suddenly I am back in reality and I am looking at the busy street outside, the cars and everything.

On other days I am dreaming on my big plans about life, riding a horse, spending my time with wild animals and if I was travelling.

Well I always stay a dreamer I guess...

Rainbow beach
Rainbow beach
a place of dreaming dreams away: in bed
a place of dreaming dreams away: in bed
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