butterfly butterfly butterfly

Carnaval, neckpiece

Year: 2017

Material: Silver, enamel, tourmaline,

moonstone, amethyst, citrine,

porcelain, plastic, sequins, thread

Photographer: Amelie Spitz




Carnaval Ring


Material: Silver, resin, thread ,

amethyst, goldplate, pearl



In the Amazon, earrings


Materials: silver, citrine,

gold chain, cardboard, enamel


Carnaval Ring  

Year: 2017

Material: Silver, resin

Photographer: Amelie Spitz

Carnaval Earrings


Material: Silver, Jade, rock crystal,

peridot, ruby,

pyrite, enamel, thread,  

mother of pearl, plastic, thread


butterfly butterfly ink_1 Note Note Star_HP Testing

Carnaval Collier: silver, gold chain, amethyst, moonstone, topas paraiba, citrine, porcelain, mother of pearl, enamel, thread

Cham necklacer: silver, gold, jade, rock crystal, tourmaline, enamel, threads with different coulours

Brooch with mosaic: silver, mother of pearl, jade, ceramic, thread, peridot, found objects


Make Love Not War Pin: Silver, rock crystal, jade, paper, found objects

Necklace: Jade and sterling silver

butterfly Design

Sketch from 2012, Carnaval Bangle

Gold award, Goldsmith's Company UK

Line kringel carnavalfont saudade


I miss you

Longing for you


Necklace with blue amber and sterling silver


Necklace with charms and sterling silver, gemstones


set of bangles made of sterling silver

Earring with yellow opal, sterling silver, shells, ruby gemstone

butterfly Testing zigzag zigzag Testing