butterfly butterfly butterfly

Carnaval, neckpiece

Year: 2017

Material: Silver, enamel, tourmaline,

moonstone, amethyst, citrine,

porcelain, plastic, sequins, thread

Photographer: Amelie Spitz




Carnaval Necklace

Year: 2017

Material: Silver, resin, thread

Photographer: Qi Wang

In the Amazon, earrings

Year: 2017

Materials: silver, citrine,

gold chain, cardboard, enamel

Photo: Qi Wang

Carnaval Ring  

Year: 2017

Material: Silver, resin

Photographer: Amelie Spitz

Carnaval Earrings

Year: 2017

Material: Silver, Jade, rock crystal,

peridot, ruby,

pyrite, enamel, thread,  

mother of pearl, plastic, thread

Photographer: Amelie Spitz

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For my objects I have added various parts of materials (from different locations) - beetle wings from Asia, french vintage lace from the US, plastic bags which can be found all over the world - to give a second life, little colourful gems from East Asia, Indian textile and sequins, horsehair and painted cardboard and found objects. In my mind, I did not only a travel to different cultures, but also into the past.  I became curious of vintage, nostalgic objects that become nowadays so valuable that they gain a new meaning and life. They express a quality of something that has past, but also of something that is very well made and has past the test of time.  This 'very well made' and 'passing the test of time', I connect to an object that has been handmade, I connect also to stone in an abstract sense. I used a mixture of different styles to refer to the variety of cultures that still makes traditional jewellery by hand. But also to connecting to the fun part of creating such objects. My objects contain very long working hours and build up over a period of time. The best work starts when I get into the state of devastation, when I do not know on how to continue, then I feel I am carried away by my instinct.

The Carnaval pieces express a festive and cheerful mood to reflect on a special occasion that one celebrates in their live. The collection has the title ‚Carnaval‘. Very important for ‚Carnaval‘ is the idea of dressing up, wearing flamboyant accesories, masks, elaborate garments and also jewellery.  The pieces have been made in metal (silver), with the technique of raising metal. It is a difficult endeavour and needs a lot of practice, especially when hammering the metal into its thinnest thickness and upon soldering. Not only the technique expresses Amelie’s artistry, but also the combination of  materials selected:  The techniques that I used were also one part of the playing field I entered. Filigree work, painting on the surface of an object, sewing, ashanti casting, hammering silver to its thinnest parts, cutting and setting stones.  Not only ethnological styles have been applied, but also historic styles such as the baroque with an overload of ornamentation. The etruscan style, which is mainly known for using large parts of metal (gold, silver), as symbol of status, wealth, yet entail the quality of luxury but seem at the same time very modest.  

Carnaval Collier: silver, gold chain, amethyst, moonstone, topas paraiba, citrine, porcelain, mother of pearl, enamel, thread

Lucky Charm Choker: silver, gold, jade, rock crystal, tourmaline, enamel, thread


Brooch: silver, mother of pearl, jade, ceramic, thread, peridot, found objects


Make Love Not War Pin: Silver, rock crystal, jade, paper, found objects

Brooch: Silver, ruby, topas paraiba, mother of pearl, found objects

Paintings and sketches made during this project:

butterfly Design

Sketch from 2012, Carnaval Bangle

Gold award, Goldsmith's Company UK

Design Line kringel carnavalfont saudade saudade


I miss you

Longing for you


I miss you

Longing for you


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