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Pendant: Imagine, silver, gemstones, plastic



Earrings: Imagine, Handbag Earrings      

silver, gemstones, blue amber, plastic      


Ring: Carnival, Silver, Gems, Wood, Pearl, Plastic, Thread, Plastic


Ring: Imagine, Silver,

found objects


etch5 Spitz_Stern_pen Spitz_Stern_pen Bild1 Spitz_Stern_pen Spitz_Stern_pen Spitz_Stern_pen Spitz_Stern_pen Spitz_Stern_pen Spitz_Stern_pen etch6

Photography: From a series of chairs,


Jewellery:  Imagine, various materials, 2016


Spitz_Stern_pen etch5 Unbenannt-1

#Imagine Vol.2


is a series of wearable sculpture inspired by Amelie's drawings and paintings.

She used mainly silver, filo from her 3D Pen and colourful gemstones. 'Imagine' is joyful and likes to be adorned.  Amelie's pieces become truly alive when attached to your body.



Carnival Pendant: Ashanti Casting-

brass, silver, cut rock crystals, amethyst, onyx, aquamarine, rose quartz, carnelian, swarovski crystal, 3D Pen, paint, chain, found objects - 2016

Shrimp Necklace:

Gold, gemstones, thread - 2016

 (Private Collection)

Blue Amber: Earrings: Silver, blue amber, swarovski crystal, goldplated chain (silver) - 2016

Bison Necklace:

Silver oxidised, gemstones, paint, swarovski crystals, found objects -2016

Man in the Moon Necklace:

Silver, thread - 2016

Colour Bangle:

Silver, amethyst, citrine, 3D Pen, thread, pearl - 2016

Flower Studs:

Silver, tourmaline, peridot, plastic, paint - 2016


Ashanti Casting, brass, carnelian  -  2016

Twig Earrings:

Cut rock crystal twig. peridot, citrine,

plastic - 2016

HI Note Spitz_Stern_pen

Photography Nima Ashrafi, 2016

Amelie Spitz

Electric Flower Earrings:

Silver, tourmaline, peridot, citrine, garnet, aquamarine, plastic, thread, paint - 2016

(Private Collection)

Indian Silver Earrings:

Silver, amethyst, citrine, peridot - 2016

Dolphin and Shark Fighting Necklace:

Silver, plastic, found objects - 2016

Pegasus Necklace:

Silver, pearl, citrine, topas paraiba, violet heterosit, gold quartz, peridot, rose quartz, chain silver/goldplate, found objects, 3D pen - 2016

Blue Amber Handbags/ Earrings:

Silver, blue amber, topas, garnet,

peridot, citrine, rhodolith, 3D Pen - 2016

Spitz_Stern_pen Note

Imagine Collection at Sieraad International Jewellery Fair, 2016

Pop Up Shop, City Museum Trier, 2016



Silver, pearl, gold, wood, paint, thread,

crushed stones - 2016