Object: Stone, Silver




Stone Objects/Twigs:



Identity: How do we protect our identities in an ever fast-paced world?

Collecting (stones)= Collecting identities?


touchable objects, 'Handschmeichler', an object that you might enjoy holding, caressing in your hand.















We might stay for a bit longer - until it's time to move forward again.








In a world where we have polictians such as Donald Trump as role model in society, with the attitude 'I would do anything to be famous', living your life as an open wound has become a lifestyle.

Is there anything left that can put the attention away from that trend.

Are there lifesavers?


My stone sculptures created express  a powerlessness , ambiguous morals that we are faced with in everyday life.

How do we take our decisions, based on a moral codex,... what else is out there?  




Maybe it is impossible to understand the whole world in one, it just changes everyday.

Making some of my first objects with stones, tiny pebble houses,

I remember  while playing in my parents garden.

BlackWhite2-new2 Stone_twig_object BlackWhite3_Spitz Stone_twig_object Stone_Twig_White_Opal

Photos by A. Spitz 2016



Fossilised wood,

filigree and gemstones.

Ornamentation on stone.

Stone engraving, breaking the stone open

in a soft way.  ' Tattoing' on the stone. It's all a meditative process.


Ink on white opal - 2015

To be continued...

Stones are durable objects:

Polishing the surface of a stone, going through several stages on the polishing wheel is incredibly time- consuming. A whole experience with your body and mind.


Reading Goethes ' Zauberlehrling' reminded me while looking at the finished pieces.

A story of so much truth, still relevant today. Protest, power, failure, despair and in the end-  rescue.


In the end, we are all the same, connected to one another. Peace.


Box_HP Box_HP

White Opal, 2015


Looking into the stone, playing with lights, shadow, what is hidden...

Box_HP Flower_HP Star_HP Star_HP Flower_HP BlackWhite1web