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I have exhibited the collection at London Design Festival and New Designers, London 2013


This little creature is inspired by the forest and the Japanese Wabi-Sabi culture:


The philosophy of Japanese Wabi-Sabi, is a view which tends to seek the perfect beauty – paradoxically - in the right kind of imperfection. A handmade porcelain object, which doesn’t seem to portray the image of beauty and perfection in the first hand, is seen as the right symmetry between the unforeseen, the unfinished, the intuition and the unexpected. Here, this play of the right dynamic forces seems to reflect the right balance. Whereas a ‘perfect’-made object portrays the soul-less and machine-made, perhaps what we would call the unnatural. ( Taken from my essay on 'Jewellery, Craft and Technology' ,2013)


Pin/'Twig': Porcelain, Copper,

Glass, Seaweed


Necklace/'Twig': Porcelain, Plastic,

Nail, Copper, Enamel, Silk



New Designers. London 2013


Amelie Spitz 2

Various Twig Necklaces

Silk, Porcelain, Wood, Copper, Seaweed


Amelie Spitz 3 SoitzAmelie_MA_02web SpitzAmelie_StackingRings_web Cass_Spitz_DesignJunction

Set up for DesignJunction at London Design Festival, 2013...


Pin: Porcelain, copper, wood, seaweed, found glass (At Work Gallery,UK)



Inspired by my trips to the sea to Brighton, UK

Necklace: Porcelain, enamel, copper, plastic, silk, nails from the firepit


Ring: A fish learning to fly: Electroformed copper, feather, amber with seapollen found in Baltic Sea

Amberif Design Award, Catalogue 2016


Collection of Rings: Carnival: Silver, citrine, paint (Private Collection), 2015/16

L.O.V.E.: Silver, paint (Private Collection), 2015/16

S.M.I.L.E.: Silver, paint, 2015/16

Porcelain Twig Collection, Photo by S.B. Armitt, 2013

Porcelain Twig Collection, Photo by S.B. Armitt, 2013