Inspired by the japanese 'Wabi-Sabi',

'Twigs' investigates the contradiction of perfect

and imperfect. Metal paint which is burned into

the fragile porcelain: how do we embrace slow

process and unpredictability in outcome in  

today's techologized world?


etch6 Spitz_Stern_pen etch8

#THE CARNIVAL pieces express a festive and cheerful mood to be worn for a special occasion that one celebrates in their life. The collection has the title ‚Carnaval‘ (as in Portuguese language). Very important for ‚Carnaval‘ is the idea of dressing up, wearing flamboyant jewellery, accesories, masks or elaborate garments.  (Click for more info...



#'Imagine Vol. 2' is a series of wearable jewellery inspired by imagined lines and nature.

Amelie used mainly silver, filo from her 3D Pen and colourful gemstones that can be matched to different outfits.

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07 Spitz_Amelie_Festival_Ring 07__ porcelainobject

#Porcelain-miniatures: A handmade porcelain object, which doesn’t seem to portray the image of beauty and perfection in the first hand, is seen as the right symmetry between the unforeseen, the unfinished, the intuition and the unexpected. (Click fo more info...


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